No one is better at telling you how to use the uQualio platform than our customers!

Use the reviews and success stories below as inspiration for getting the maximum benefits out of the uQualio microlearning video LMS platform.

HRperformance testimonial velliv a-apoteket

Sales Rep Training in Self-Management

An e-learning courses in self-management for approx. 390 employees has been preparation for the employees for distance leadership. The modules were aimed at equipping the employees to stand more on their own two feet in an everyday life where their manager will sometimes be far away, and to make the employees take more responsibility.

Fujifilm logo

Sales Partner Training

Fujifilm makes advanced Medical IMAGES and IT solutions. They need to train sales partners & agents internationally and confidentially while monitoring their progress. To do this uQualio fits their needs well because of the user flexibility, the price, and the support.

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End-User Training

DigiRehab is a unique digital exercise tool for seniors. The tailored exercises programs help them become stronger and more self-reliant. To train both the municipalities’ social and health care assistants and senior citizens they use uQualio.

Anonymous product reseller

Product Training

To get more resellers’ sales reps at 25-30 locations per reseller, trained in the value proposition of 2 products, this anonymous company, with high growth and profit success, made video product training on the uQualio platform

Course Seller

A course vendor of finished e-learning packages for training employees in complex topics, such as GDPR (currently DK & ENG).
The solution is based on the uQualio platform and consists of video series where each video has a duration of less than 3 minutes.

Fremco Logo

Sales Partner Training

Makes small but powerful fiber blowing machines, that can blow both blown fiber and micro/nano cables without having to dig.
To train sales partners, and for technical training of end-users, they have turned uQualio into a sales partner training platform.

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Software Training

Connects road intersection controllers, preemption systems, school beacons, road signage, and more into an easy-to-use web-based application.
But to train schools, firefighters & sales partners they use uQualio!